Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Melbourne French Theatre: Auditions for “Espèces Menacées”

MTF auditions are opening soon!
The life of mild-mannered accountant Yvon Lemouël hits turbulence when he picks up a briefcase identical to his, but containing an enormous amount of cash at the railway station... A brilliant play of comic mayhem, lies and hapless misunderstanding, Espèces Menacées by Ray Cooney is the forthcoming production from the Melbourne French Theatre and is seeking a cast!

As always, the production will be entirely in French with English sur-titles (just like sub-titles, but projected overhead). So, can you speak French? Are you fabulously dashing and courageous and funny? Are you available from the end of June till 7 September 2013? Then direct yourself post haste to the company’s website to register your interest!

When? Auditions are being held on June 22 and 24.
Where? 203 to 205 Canning Street, Carlton. Corner Neill Street. Enter via corner door.
More info? Enquiries should be directed to (03) 9349 2250. Stay abreast of MTF news on their website and Facebook.

Podcast: Pascale Chifflet’s Careers Seminar

From the procedural intricacies of prosecuting war criminals to the difficulties of mastering the English accent, Pascale Chifflet’s lecture at the French Club’s inaugural Careers Seminar was nothing short of awe-inspiring! A former Legal Officer and Legal Translator at the United Nations International War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, Pascale opened up about her life, career and the mechanisms of this impressive legal institution. Now available as a free podcast.