Thursday, October 19, 2017

La Trobe University French Club 2017 Sem 2

Hello World! This is La Trobe University French Club announcing that we're back for semester two with a fun raft of activities including our weekly conversation sessions! If you have a hankering for French conversation-ing you will find us at the Eagle Bar on campus from 4:30 to 6 each Thursday. All levels are welcome, especially newbies! We are always looking for new members to join the French Club, and to be a part of the French Club committee. If you are interested, please contact us.

If you have any ideas about what we should do this semester send them to us on Facebook.

Salut tout le monde. La Trobe University French Club est à la retour ce trimestre avec nos discussions une fois par semaine. Si vous avez un désir de parler en français, vous devrez nous trouver au Eagle Bar sur campus chaque jeudi 16h30 à 19h . Tous les niveaux sont les
bienvenues, particulièrement les bleus et, si vous souhaitez y venir les locuteurs natifs aussi!

Si vous avez des idées sur ce que nous devrions fare, envoyez les à nous sur Facebook.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

French Down Under: Australian News

If you’ve ever wanted some help finding Australian news in French, this is the post for you. The La Trobe French Club has a short list of francophone outlets operating in Australia below.

SBS French

"Vous écoutez au programme de SBS French"

SBS logo

The SBS broadcasts the news in French with a mix of in-house and rebroadcasted content. They cover the most important international and local news as well as noting local French events all across Australia. 

Difficulty: perhaps a little difficult for beginners and even early intermediate students, SBS’s news broadcast is in a quick but clear French without a transcription.

Link to SBS French portal (audio available for streaming). Link to SBS French Facebook page. Or consider using their app SBS radio. Also available through any good podcast app near you!

France 2

(Old) Logo of France 2
France 2 is a French national public broadcaster rebroadcast on SBS HD from 8:40AM to 9:30 AM.  The 20 heures (8 pm) news program covers French national news, important international events and generally finishes with several cultural items.

Difficulty: Intermediate. France 2, while fairly fast, provides many visual cues as to the topic. Additionally French subtitles are available when watching on the France TV Info website: look under the JT tab for the 20 heures program to find it.

Link to SBS on Demand. Link to FranceTV Info website. 

Le petit journal

Logo of Le Petit Journal
Le petit journal is an international & online newspaper aimed at French expatriates in Australia as well as other francophones. Covers local news, national news and links to international news by from other Le petit journal editions.

Difficulty: Intermediate. There is no English version available but as you can read at your own pace and consulate dictionaries if need be it is not too difficult.

Link to Le Petit Journal Melbourne. Link to Le Petit Journal Sydney.

Le courier Australien 
Front page of the Courier Australien from 1892.

Description: An outlet publishing in both French and English,  le Courier Australien is a long lasting newspaper that become online only several years. Covers a wide range of content.

Difficulty: Intermediate but as content is available in English and French, a good place to start reading French news.

Link to Courier Australien (en). Link to Courier Australien (fr).

This very short list is of course in no way a complete list of French news sources available in Australia but it does cover four news sources that are very accessible in terms of having local content or being available across the nation.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

French Club Cheese Tasting

You are invited to the French Club Cheese Tasting this Thursday, 30th of March! Come along to a selection of French Cheeses provided by the French Club. It'll be great! 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 We'll be in the Eagle Bar from 4:30. See you there :)

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Movie Night!

Hello French Clubbians, please come along to our movie night on the ninth of July! Bring along some snacks and enjoy the atmosphere with fellow francophiles. Find further information on our facebook page!

Bonjour French Club, vous êtes cordialement invités à notre soirée cinéma sur le 9 juillet! Apportez des snacks et profitez de l'ambiance avec des autres francophiles. Pour plus d’informations, allez sur notre page Facebook.