Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Le Goût de la Francophonie Wrap-Up

Today, the French Club took to the Agora for a spectacular food event: Le Goût de la Francophonie! Featuring food from around the French-speaking world, today was an opportunity to discover culinary delights from France, Belgium, North Africa and Mauritius.

Not only did the 2013 French Club Committee display some exceptional culinary prowess (with special mentions going to our head chefs, Nawsheen, Jess and Adrianna!), but we also had the good fortune to attract the attention of some French exchange students, who assisted us with our crepe-making techniques!

With perfect weather and lots of wonderful people coming along, Le Goût de la Francophonie not only provided scrumptious global delicacies but was also a perfect setting to catch up with club members, new and old alike. Merci to everyone who came and enjoyed this beautiful day with us!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Interview: Alex Perrin, fondatrice de La Petite Bibliothèque

It is with immense pride and excitement that we chat to Alexandra Perrin, who last year launched La Petite Bibliothèque, La Trobe French Club’s very own French library! Although still only in its infancy, La Petite Biblio has already grown enormously and is a unique resource available to all La Trobe French students.

How did La Petite Biblio get started?

I don’t remember exactly. I came to Australia with some books, and I didn’t know what to do of them after reading, so I put them in the office. It started with ten books on a shelf.

La Petite Biblio has grown enormously over the past year! How has this happened?

I gave a lot of my books. But I’m a huge reader of sci-fi, fantasy, young adult and manga. I wanted opinions from other people, so I contact  friends and community members from a big French forum to see if some wanted to get involved, help and give some books. I am still surprised that over 500 books has been donated to this project.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Committee Member: Tobias, General Committee 2013

Tobias Henriksen
What are you studying at La Trobe?

Currently doing my first year here at La Trobe Uni and so far I am loving it!! I am studying Animal and Vet Bioscience, after which I hope to transfer over to Melbourne Uni and do a Vet Science degree.

Ever since I was young I have always loved animals, so as long as I am working with animals in the future I will be happy, though I am aiming to become a qualified vet.

What do you love about French language and francophone culture?

What isn’t there to love about the French language? Other than it is a completely different language, it is a language used in many places of the world, it can be seen as quite a sophisticated, and even our own English language has been greatly influenced by the French language ... awesome!!

Ohh and the culture!! Love the food! Love the music! Love the cinematography! Love the Language! Love the history! Love everything!!

Any francophone movies/books you could recommend?

It really depends on one’s own personal preferences. Au Revoir Les Enfants is a beautiful piece set in the time of the second world war. The song “Fils de France” by Damien Saez ... I can listen to for hours on end! This piece is all about France and how the people stay strong during times of conflict, both internal and external.

Just a general read or viewing of anything French is a change from our day to day English culture. It really is something special to experience a new culture and a really think the best way to be part of the French culture is to immerse yourself in everything French.