Saturday, March 17, 2018

Movie Night: Mr Stein Goes Online

Come along to a screening of Mr. Stein Goes Online (Un profil pour deux) at Palace Westgarth on Saturday 24 at 4:30 pm. 

This coming of old age story follows an old man's journey as he discovers the wonders of the internet and online dating (shenanigans ensue).

Tickets for full time students are $16 (bring your student card), under 25's $16.5 and ordinary admission $22.  Tickets are availble here. More information about the cinema here. A trailer is availiable. If you need some help getting to the event contact us on Facebook!

Movie Night: L'atelier!

Come along to a screening of L'Atelier (The Workshop) at Palace Westgarth on Wednesday at 6:45pm. From the director of Entre Les Murs, featured at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, L'Atelier is an "authentic portrait" of French youth today.

It is the story of a renowned crime fiction author who, in an attempt to understand the concerns of young people in the "forgotten" parts of France, organises a writing workshop for the youth of the post-industrial Mediterranean port. She soon realises that she has gotten more than she had bargained for when a right-wing student both intrigues and disturbs her by his natural creative talent and the violence that pervades his soul.

Tickets for full time students are $16 (bring your student card), under 25's $16.5 and ordinary admission $22. (Cinema was about half booked when this was written so make sure you get your ticket quick!) Tickets are availble here. More information about the cinema here. A trailer is availiable. If you need some help getting to the event contact us on Facebook!

Friday, March 9, 2018

French Club update 9th March

Contained in this post: notice for the next French Club meeting, congratulations for the ticket winners and our AGM report.

French Club Meeting!

When: Friday 15 of March at 5pm.
What: Speak French (and plan events). Bring along your best accent and some big ideas for French club events.
Where: At the Eagle Bar (see this page for a map).


Une rencontre du French Club
Quand: Vendredi 14 Mars 17h.
Quoi: Parlez français et (organiser des événements). Amenez votre meilleur accent français et des grands idées pour les événements French Club!
Où: Au Eagle Bar sur le campus (voir cette page pour une carte).
Ticket winners

Congratulations! Five winners have been randomly drawn for our ticket competition: they have been contacted by private message. Thanks to Alliance Française de Melbourne for providing the tickets!
The Tickets!


AGM Report

The French Club AGM occurred at 1pm to 1:40pm on the 9th of March at the Eagle Bar. A quorum was (just) reached with ten persons in attendance. 

Reports on previous activity
The chairperson (Robert Brown) presented reports on the previous years activities and expenses. It was noted that the club finances for 2017 should be checked as the previous treasurer had resigned. 

Robert Brown was elected to president.
Andrew Sanders was elected to vice-président and council delegate.
Aislinn Savage was elected to secretary.
Oliver Middleton was elected to treasurer.

Future Events
Some discussion was held regarding future French clubs events and financing them with further details to be left until the next meeting. 😎

The meeting still has to be lodged with the LTSU and approved at this point in time. Because the event was not advertised on the LTSU website, elections may need to be confirmed in another properly advertised (i.e. on their website) meeting. 

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Take notice: AGM 2018!

La Trobe French Club is back for semester 1 2018! Our first meeting of the year will be the annual general meeting: please come along it’s important that you attend so we can be recognised + funded by the Uni. Everyone is welcome regardless their French ability: we’re looking for people to pitch in (even if it’s just a little thing).

Positions open include:

President ("L’État c’est moi" Louis XIV)
French Club is missing a piece :(

Have you ever wanted to rule the world? Well now you can rule a small metaphorical patch of it, if you meet our selection criteria:
  1. You must be a human being or other sentient being
  2. You must be voted in
  3. You can’t have been in this position last year.
Being President involves heading official meetings, being enthusiastic about French Club and helping organise our events! It’s very rewarding and rather people oriented.

Incumbent: Coco (Has left the club this year for other pastures)

Vice President
What direction would you like the French Club to go in?
A position whose responsibilities include… being the President when the President doesn’t want to be. And helping out in any way you want to! Simple really. Although there's always something to do if you want to help out.
Incumbent: Chloe (Has left the club this year for other pastures)

Secretary (La mémoire se perd, mais l'écriture demeure. Un proverbe)
Our records are collectible (for accountability purposes)
Your duties include: recording the minutes of official meetings and posting them on Facebook.  Not particularly difficult given official meeting previously include the annually held annual general meeting and nothing else.
Incumbent: Robert

Treasurer (Faire de l’argent un moyen et non une fin. Piere Rahbi)
Our treasure ain't buried
You can be the treasure of French Club. As the treasured treasurer you will be a valued keeper of receipts and register of expenses. Warning this may be more difficult then it seems. Receipts can disappear the moment you turn your back on them. Constant viglilance is necessary to prevent small inanimate pieces of paper from disappearing. 
Incumbent: Chris (Inactive)

Anything and everything
Put your hand up!
Don’t let yourself be constrained by a position title. Invent your own position and give it a unique je ne suis quoi. We’re looking for people to help with our social media presence (or lack of it) and to help run and organise events (including conversation sessions, movie nights and n’importe quoi d’autre). 
If you can’t be a member of team make sure to turn up to our events which we post on FB and on our blog.

(Open for revision)
-Report on previous years activity and budget
-Sign charter/ incorporation document
-Election to committee positions
-Harvest ideas for the new year
-Make some plans 

"Si vous avez l’impression que vous êtes trop petit pour changer quelque chose, essayez donc de dormir avec un moustique… Vous verrez lequel des deux empêche l’autre de dormir."
-Dalaï Lama

Friday, March 2, 2018

AGM Official Notice

La Trobe French Club is back for semester 1 2018! Our first meeting of the year will be the annual general meeting: please come along it’s important that you attend so we can be recognised + funded by the Uni. Everyone is welcome regardless their French ability: we’re looking for people to pitch in (even if it’s just a little thing).

5 Rocking French Podcasts

Tu veux écouter des podcasts en français? The wild and varied world of French podcasting is out there for you to discover. Whatever your interest, whatever your skill level there is a podcast waiting for you.

i. Le journal en français facile
Rfi’s journal en français facile (or the news in easy French) is a daily program with a transcript availiable on line. Targeted at French language learners you’ll find the speakers read at an average pace and speak clearly without an accent. Use the transcript as you will: read it before listening if you find the program difficult, read it as you listen to become familiar with new vocabulary and listen to it without having read it to push yourself further!

Level: beginner-intermediate (how you use the script gives flexibility)
Link: Web iTunes

ii. Studio 404
A monthly podcast on all thing digital (video games, social media and new technologies) and how they affect our lives. Episodes last for about 2 hours and cover the large world de la société numérique with a talk show-esque atmosphere. Recent topics include: listening at double speed, crowdfunding, le culture poop, PUBG, le hacking de l'attention and much more


Level: intermediate + 
Link: SoundCloud iTunes

iii. Aujourd’hui l’histoire
A Canadian podcast where Jacques Beauchamp reveals significant events and movements in history to his listeners. Discover Jacky Kennedy, the Korean war, the Jazz Wars in France and other interesting tales from around the globe.
From their website: "Comprendre notre passé, c'est comprendre ce que nous avons été pour mieux comprendre qui nous sommes aujourd'hui. Jacques Beauchamp aborde un fait, un événement ou une idée qui a marqué l'histoire, la nôtre ou celle des autres, en compagnie d'un ou de plusieurs invités. Les sujets peuvent être sérieux ou légers."

Level: intermediate +
Link: Web iTunes

iv. Affaires sensibles 
Another intriguing history podcast this time from France inter, French public broadcaster. Recent episodes includes ones on the sinking of the Titanic, Edward Snowden, De Gaulle & NATO, FEMEN (militant feminist group) and Wattstax. Episodes last around 55 minutes.

Level: intermediate +
Link: Web iTunes
v. SBS French
From the SBS, this podcast provides news in French covering world news, Australian news, the Australian economy and also French events in Australia. It's a really good way to discover what French events and businesses are operating in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia, as well as what new movies are on SBS on demand. The podcast episodes are fairly short, around ten minutes, and have clear titles on their content.

Level: Intermdiate +
Link: Web iTunes

If none of the above podcasts thrill you, t’inquiète pas! A simple search for ‘french podcast, 'learn french' or ‘podcast français’ on google or in a podcast app can bring you a long way. En plus, the websites of ‘France Culture’ and ‘France Inter’ contain a huge number of podcasts that could tempt you! There are a incredible number of French podcasters out there for beginners as well.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

French Film Festival 2018

Ooh la la, le French Film Festival is here!
Calling all French Film Lovers- The Alliance Française French Film Festival is here! Year after year, this festival brings dozens of French films to thousands of Australians. Palace Cinema Como, Palace Balawyn, Palace Westgarth, Palace Brighton Bay, Kino Cinemas and the Astor Theatre are showing films from 28th of Febuary to the 27th of March. 

The closest location to La Trobe University  is Palace Westgarth (89 High Street, Northcote) - easily reached by the 86 tram. General admission tickets are available from $13.50 for students (normal price $22) who display their student card when purchasing.

With the help of L’Alliance française de Melbourne, we are offering 5 double passes. For your chance to win, all you need to do is like the @AllianceFrancais Facebook page and tag a friend you'd like to take along with you on our giveaway post here. Winners will be contacted by private message on the 9th of March.

Offical Trailer Below:

Monday, January 29, 2018

We'll Be Back

La Trobe French Club will be back this year. A general meeting will be held in the first week of semester one. The members of the French Club committee are voted in this meeting, so if you want to join it (and there are many positions available) please come along. Come along if you don't to be in the committee too! This is your chance to influence what we do. Information on where the meeting will be held will be posted on Facebook so check us out there!

New members seeking to join the club can find us on facebook, alternatively we should be present at the La Trobe Clubfest during O-Week. (If you don't like Facebook and miss us at O-Week, we'll post some information on the French noticeboard in HU3 level 2. Students studying French will also be able to find links to us and an email address on the LMS.)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

La Trobe University French Club 2017 Sem 2

Hello World! This is La Trobe University French Club announcing that we're back for semester two with a fun raft of activities including our weekly conversation sessions! If you have a hankering for French conversation-ing you will find us at the Eagle Bar on campus from 4:30 to 6 each Thursday. All levels are welcome, especially newbies! We are always looking for new members to join the French Club, and to be a part of the French Club committee. If you are interested, please contact us.

If you have any ideas about what we should do this semester send them to us on Facebook.

Salut tout le monde. La Trobe University French Club est à la retour ce trimestre avec nos discussions une fois par semaine. Si vous avez un désir de parler en français, vous devrez nous trouver au Eagle Bar sur campus chaque jeudi 16h30 à 19h . Tous les niveaux sont les
bienvenues, particulièrement les bleus et, si vous souhaitez y venir les locuteurs natifs aussi!

Si vous avez des idées sur ce que nous devrions fare, envoyez les à nous sur Facebook.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

French Down Under: Australian News

If you’ve ever wanted some help finding Australian news in French, this is the post for you. The La Trobe French Club has a short list of francophone outlets operating in Australia below.

SBS French

"Vous écoutez au programme de SBS French"

SBS logo

The SBS broadcasts the news in French with a mix of in-house and rebroadcasted content. They cover the most important international and local news as well as noting local French events all across Australia. 

Difficulty: perhaps a little difficult for beginners and even early intermediate students, SBS’s news broadcast is in a quick but clear French without a transcription.

Link to SBS French portal (audio available for streaming). Link to SBS French Facebook page. Or consider using their app SBS radio. Also available through any good podcast app near you!

France 2

(Old) Logo of France 2
France 2 is a French national public broadcaster rebroadcast on SBS HD from 8:40AM to 9:30 AM.  The 20 heures (8 pm) news program covers French national news, important international events and generally finishes with several cultural items.

Difficulty: Intermediate. France 2, while fairly fast, provides many visual cues as to the topic. Additionally French subtitles are available when watching on the France TV Info website: look under the JT tab for the 20 heures program to find it.

Link to SBS on Demand. Link to FranceTV Info website. 

Le petit journal

Logo of Le Petit Journal
Le petit journal is an international & online newspaper aimed at French expatriates in Australia as well as other francophones. Covers local news, national news and links to international news by from other Le petit journal editions.

Difficulty: Intermediate. There is no English version available but as you can read at your own pace and consulate dictionaries if need be it is not too difficult.

Link to Le Petit Journal Melbourne. Link to Le Petit Journal Sydney.

Le courier Australien 
Front page of the Courier Australien from 1892.

Description: An outlet publishing in both French and English,  le Courier Australien is a long lasting newspaper that become online only several years. Covers a wide range of content.

Difficulty: Intermediate but as content is available in English and French, a good place to start reading French news.

Link to Courier Australien (en). Link to Courier Australien (fr).

This very short list is of course in no way a complete list of French news sources available in Australia but it does cover four news sources that are very accessible in terms of having local content or being available across the nation.