Sunday, March 20, 2011

French Club Event: Les Petits Mouchoirs

Just a reminder that we are off to see Les Petits Mouchoirs THIS Thursday evening! Super!

When? Thursday
Where? Westgarth Cinemas—Stop 28 via the 86 Tram
Cost? Student tickets are $15.00 and adult tickets are $18.00
Time? Everyone is invited to meet us at 8pm at the Cinema for pre-film drinks (yes, there is a bar at the cinema—woo!), otherwise the screening starts at 9pm

Those students who live on or near the La Trobe campus are welcome to meet Pauline and Laure at 7.15pm in the Agora if they're unsure how best to get to the cinema or just want some exciting French company on the way there! (:

I look forward to meeting and mingling with you on Thursday evening!

(A very excited) Jess
La Trobe University French Club

A la suite d'un événement bouleversant, une bande de copains décide, malgré tout, de partir en vacances au bord de la mer comme chaque année. Leur amitié, leurs certitudes, leur culpabilité, leurs amours en seront ébranlées. Ils vont enfin devoir lever les "petits mouchoirs" qu'ils ont posés sur leurs secrets et leurs mensonges.

Following a tragic event, a group of friends decide in spite of everthing to go on their annual seaside vacation. Their friendship, their beliefs, their guilt, their love will hang in the balance. They will at long last have to relinquish the little white lies hiding their secrets.

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