Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Multicultural Week Crêpe Stand Wrap-Up

Merci to everyone who helped to devour the French Club’s lovingly-made crêpes today! We sold some 60 freshly-made crêpes and ate many more ourselves so can attest honestly to their deliciousness. Thanks also to all the champion club members who helped out!

Missed out? Ne paniquez pas! Our inaugural Crêpe Day is just around the corner! Thursday October 6 at midday to be exact, again in the Agora. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and keep and an eye on our Facebook to stay au courant.

Like today, there will be a delicious array of toppings at Crêpe Day, including nutella, whipped cream, stewed fruit, jam, sugar and lemon.

Click “read more” to view all the day’s photos.

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