Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Podcast: Interview with Julia Zemiro

Julia Zemiro, on a warm spring evening with
La Trobe French Club’s Myles and Mia
It is with unbridled pleasure that we post the fourth installment of the La Trobe University French Club podcast, with la femme la plus awesome du monde, Julia Zemiro!

The star of SBS juggernauts Rockwiz and Eurovision, Julia Zemiro is also one of Australia's foremost francophones.

Born in Aix-en-Provence to a French father and Australian multilingual mother, Julia immgirated at an early age to Australia and continues to speak impeccable français (as heard on SBS French).

In this in-depth podcast interview, Julia speaks eloquently and candidly about la politesse anglosaxonne, la fierté française, the schizophrenic nature of Australian culture, the evolution of SBS, l’interdiction de la burqua and her fantasy of doing a bilingual one-woman show.

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  1. Génial ! J'adore cette interview... Et j'adore le petit accent du Sud (sud-Est) de Julia. Félicitation aux étudiants du Club de français de La Trobe ! (By the way, I love when the Australians laugh at us during the Eurovision: that's priceless, hahaha! Go on doing it! On se voit à Stockholm l'année prochaine?)
    Greetings from France!