Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Film review: “Des Vents contraires”

Against the Wind is a poignant film by Jalil Laspert about love and adversity. It tells the story of a man (Benoit Magimel) whose wife (Audrey Tautou) mysteriously disappears.

He is left with their two young, heartbroken children, a penniless writer, hopeless, depressed and lonely. After a year the family move to the small coastal town where Paul grew up, and where he is offered a job at his brothers driving school. Here, he struggles to rebuild his family and regain a sense of normalcy.

This is a is a story where tragedy slinks in to just about every possible facet and yet the profound love of family and the joy of children somehow conquer it as light defeats shadows, overcoming tribulations, pushing against the wind.

Review by La Trobe French student, Nell

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