Saturday, April 7, 2012

Présidentielle 2012: Eva Joly & “Le Petit Journal”

Joly’s latest campaign poster,
launched yesterday
For a very funny recap of the very latest in the French presidential campaign, check out the latest episode of Le Petit Journal! Embedded below and featuring Europe Écologie Les Verts candidate Eva Joly, the quick show parodies and pokes all sorts of fun at both Joly and her concurrents.

Little explanation: for those of you who haven’t pored over Hollande’s wikipedia articles, the reason his presence on stage with Parti Socialiste comrade Ségolene Royal is so newsworthy is because they used to be together, had four children, then split in 2007.

Want more? Flick through the archives of Le Petit Journal to find the Hollande episode and the one with the président of Jeunes avec Marine Le Pen, Julien Rochedy – à voir!

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