Friday, April 6, 2012

Présidentielle 2012: Radio Hollande, Jean-Luc Melanchon “En Marche” and Sarkozy fever in La Réunion

François Hollande supporters in Marseille (Source: Hollande’s Facebook)
As the French presidential election draws ever nearer, the candidates and their legions of fans are producing endless online campaign goodies!

Camp Hollande is producing an excellent podcast series, entitled simply “Radio Hollande”. One of the latest installments (embedded below) features interviews with everyday French men and women about the state of the nation.

Meanwhile, the team behind Front de Gauche candidate Jean-Luc Melanchon, who now appears poised to steal the left vote, coming in an impressively strong third in some of the latest polls, is broadcasting En Marche, an incredible documentary series about his campaign trail.

Below is the latest episode in which Melanchon, a stirring speaker, travels across the nation expressing his ecological ambitions for France.

Anyone following Sarkozy’s Facebook activity will have noticed his online content has had a very specific bent: the people. A massive number of his uploaded photos are portrait shots of Sarkozy fans, rather than Sarkozy himself (especially young, dynamic-looking types).

In this vein, Sarkozy’s people have just uploaded the video below to his La France Forte YouTube channel, in which citizens of La Réunion explain why they support the UMP candidate (and also just feverishly chant his name).

Finally, closer to home, SBS French is broadcasting a regular series entitled “Journal de Campagne Electorale en France”, which analyses all the latest presidential activity, left and right, and provides an excellent snapshot of this intriguing and fiery battle for power in France!

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