Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Committee Member: Adrianna, Treasurer 2013

Adrianna Galioto
What are you studying at La Trobe? 

I am currently in my second year studying Speech Pathology. I am absolutely loving the course and my ultimate career goal would be to work alongside children with disabilities assisting them with speech and language.

What do you love about French language and francophone culture?

The thing I love most about French language is the way it sounds. As corny as it sounds whenever I hear someone speak French it makes me tingle with excitement. It really is such a beautiful language. It is much to hard to summarise what I love about French/francophone culture but I love how passionate they are about anything and everything! Not to mention francophone cuisines such as Moroccan, Tunisian and French delicates! The aroma, the taste, the sights, need I mention more!

Any francophone movies/books you could recommend?

One of my favourite French films would be Les Intouchables. It is a wonderful story based on real life events. The film revolves around a beautiful friendship that arises between a millionaire quadriplegic and a young troubled man who becomes his carer. It's one of those films that makes you laugh, cry and feel inspired all within two hours! Definitely worth watching!


  1. I love that film!

  2. I love Intouchables! Such a great French film!