Saturday, June 11, 2011

French Restaurant: Breizoz Crêperie

Fitzroy’s Breizoz Crêperie is a sweet, intimate French-run restaurant, whose warm, French-speaking staff provide a wonderful opportunity to rattle off a few words in French (although most of those words will be “chocolat”).

Specialising in this Breton delicacy, Breizoz’s style of crepes are light, delicate and crisp, the benefit of which, of course, is that one can work through one after another splendid concoction.

One of the most tantalising elements of the Breizoz experience is the array of French cider. Full-bodied and uniquely delicious, Breizoz’s selection of traditional cider enhances the restaurant’s cosy and rustic ambience.

The third Wednesday of every month at Breizoz is “French Conversation Evening”, une bonne occasion de rencontrer d’autres qui adorent parler la langue française aussi. A certain level of comptency is expected, il faut essayer de parler.

Located near the corner of Gertrude and Brunswick Streets, this restaurant is conveniently located on La Trobe’s own 86 tram line.

Prices are reasonable; expect to pay $20 to $25 for two dishes along with a cup of cider.

Breizoz’s entire menu is available online. Featured above is the Ratatouille and “Super Complete”. Dish to try: Beurre Sucre!

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